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Sep 30, 2012 4:30pm PDT
utilities commission and michael campbell and director for the san francisco public utilities commission. >> well, thank you very much and we have two resolutions of accommodation to two very important individuals and ed harrington being the first one and so much has been said about ed harrington that i don't know if we need to add to all the numerous things that have rightly said about him. i doubt that ed harrington is watching the lafco meeting. i am sure one of the benefits that he was looking forward to when he retired he no longer had to come to these meetings accident but in the event he is watching. >> >> we want to thank ed harrington for his work and we have a resolution before the commission honoring him. the second item and just as important is to honor mike campbell who has taken time i think he might be technically on vacation or personal time, so i apologize. it is not our intent to honor you by forcing you to take personal time to actually come to a lafco meeting, but mike campbell resolution is one that i think really is critical because of the very important role th
Sep 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. campbell and everyone else who has worked to make this possible. i want to thank the puc and one of the things they am really proud of is over the years we have developed a pretty good working relationship between lafco and the puc. the work though is not done. the reality is to make this program come to full fruition. we have to continue to work together, and so with that before i turn it over to staff i wanted to know if any of my my colleagues wanted to make any comments? commissioner avalos. >> i beat you to it commissioner olague. sorry about that. i just want to echo your comments about all the work that was involved over the years to help pass clean power sf, and nancy miller and janson fried and the staff and michael campbell, and barbara hale and ed harrington and all last week 7k7kbqwas gr timing for the clean power and he timed his departure for that and i was happy to see it join together, and just to see that clean power sf would be just another one of the major achievements that ed harrington had over the course of his many -- several decades here in san francis
Oct 3, 2012 10:00am PDT
have troy campbell. >> this is important in making sure that the community is aware of what is going on, i want to take a moment to speak to that. >> starting in january of this year, the fisherman's warf coordinated meetings with jefferson from hyde to jones street. we also held community meetings that each held over 100 attendties each. >> discussed in the meetings were the details of the time lines, construction plans and solicited feedback from the community. as many as were incorporated into the final design. >> over all the date at the have coordinated the meetings and three community meetings about this project. in addition the cbd has a website called new jefferson and it is managing the dpw. it gives details about the plans and provide a faq section and an alert mechanism to let the neighbors know about the upcoming meetings and alerts and we will do this through the construction process. over 70 people have signed up including each tenant on the north side of jefferson street between hyde and jones. holding regular meetings with the port of san francisco starting in
Oct 1, 2012 2:00pm PDT
in this legislation is needed. so if i may, through the chair, if i could ask miss campbell from the budget and legislative analyst to come up and talk about some of the key findings. >> budget and legislative analyst office. good afternoon chair mar and supervisors. i will have our project manager, dian, briefly present the findings and recommendations that pertains to this legislation. >> thank you and we appreciate your good work on this. >> good afternoon, sponsors, i will be brief. first our audit that was released in january, it there were two issues that i think relate to the proposed ordinance. the first is that our audit found that san francisco is falling short of the city's regional assigned goals, particularly for low and moderate income housing. while the city is on pace to meet two-thirds of its overall housing goal, at the current riterate of projection it will only achieve 16% for low-income housing and 25% for moderate income housing by 2015. the second issue relates to written reports that have been presented to the planning commission, which we found do not sufficiently
Oct 1, 2012 2:30pm PDT
the analyses to know how you are doing. >> thank you. and i did want to thank miss campbell fort great report and the data and analysis is really useful for us. so why don't we open this up for public comment? is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? please come forward. we have sue hester. >> sue hester. i would like to start with thanking supervisor olague and supervisor campos and anyone else who sponsored this legislation. i have been pushing for this at least for ten years. it's therapeutic to have right before your eyes, when you are considering a rezoning or a project, what is our housing goals and how are we meeting them? we have gone through a lot of rezoning in the eastern neighborhoods for the past couple of years. and basically all south of market, the mission, the potrero hills and noe valley and rincon hill, of course. we don't know what is coming out of that. what is coming out of all of these rezonings that we are doing as the projects come through? we are now seeing a lot of implementation of the those plans and i have been saying for lo these many years
Oct 3, 2012 12:00pm PDT
that needs to be factored into your evaluations. the other thing supervisor campbell mentioned is you are stuck. you are not. you have a right to sublease. let's say you found something in five years and willing to buy it for a price you were willing to pay. you could sublet. i would bet prologis would be happy by to let you out. it will be worth more. you shouldn't feel you are stuck ten years there are sublease possibilitis in a marketplace getting harder and harder. this building is just over the daly city -- over the san francisco daly city line, literally on the line. there is a portion in san francisco. this was for dry foods operators, 250,000 on 12 acres. there is nothing that compares with it on the peninsula or san francisco. we have been -- i have been working sfmta over ten years. steve bell, your real estate contract manager, we looked at stuff in south city, 245 south spruce, which the airport had a long-term lease for the expansion that didn't occur. we had to relocation from the city. dbi beverages, golden brands to some who know, to 175,000 people we couldn't find any
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)